Brent Harris at AGNSW, AGWA and ACCA


By Tolarno

Brent Harris works are currently on display across three major Australian public institutions.

At Art Gallery of NSW, the Swamp (2000) series of prints are on view in the study room.

In Perth at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the Design Space exhibition Family Resemblance, features ceramics and small sculpture from Lucie Rie, Mary Rogers, Gwyn Hanssen Piggot and Sandra Black and more, surrounded by a selection of Brent Harris paintings and prints from the extensive AGWA collection that navigate “the swamp of personal, familial, religious and unconscious forces that make us who we are” (Robert Cook, curator).

At ACCA Melbourne, the exhibition On Vulnerability and Doubt includes several Brent Harris paintings including borrowed plumage no.3 (noli me tangere) and borrowed plumage no.7 (touch) both 2007 (pictured, courtesy @brent_harris_art).

Brent Harris: Swamp series until 15 August at Art Gallery of NSW
AGWA Design – Family resemblance until 9 September at AGWA
On Vulnerability and Doubt until 1 September at ACCA Melbourne


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