Andrew Browne ‘Shoegazer’


By Tolarno

Online Viewing Space

Shoegazer, a diverse group of drawings made by Andrew Browne during the extended Melbourne COVID-19 lockdown, is a playful allusion to that sub-genre of indie rock, Shoegaze, but more so to the attention one pays to subjects and prompts found close at hand… almost underfoot. These somewhat introspective images are tender and intuitive encounters with observation, composition and mood.

Since the 1980s Melbourne-based Andrew Browne has established an unmistakable body of work across painting, drawing, photogravure, intaglio and lithography. Using photography as a tool, he investigates the phenomena of illumination, the poetics of the nocturne and the everyday.

His new series of drawings continues a decades’ long interest in landscape and natural phenomena, though one alienated and surreal. An uneasy tension exists within his images of organic growth and the detritus of human existence.

Image: ANDREW BROWNE Shoegazer (vacant lot) 2020, pencil on Moulin Du Gue paper, image size 37.5 x 26 cm, paper size: 76 x 56.5 cm


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