Tim Maguire


By Tolarno

Old World, New World
13 March – 10 April 2021

Old world, new world. Empire, colony. Destruction, rebirth. Tim Maguire’s new paintings are influenced by his decades-long touchstone of 17th century Dutch still life, memento mori and the aftermath of Australia’s recent bushfires.

“The show’s title refers to the old world of Dutch still life painters and to the so-called new world of Australia,” says Maguire. “But I’m also thinking about the failure to adapt imported concepts from the old world and achieve some kind of harmony here.”

Join us on Saturday 13 March between 1pm-4pm when Tim Maguire will be at the gallery for the exhibition opening.

Image: Tim Maguire ‘Untitled 20201001’ 2020, oil on canvas, 153 x 168 cm


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