Pictures for Thinking

Pictures for Thinking has a wide breath of subjects: light, body, history, time, and measurement. Combinations of these subjects are used to elicit insights or to raise questions. In Bones III (pictured) penetrating light becomes the source illuminating the shared structures of our varied bodies.

The making of these artworks is akin to a chemical spill. It is an accident with an unpredictable result, but one in which chance and intuition coalesce. The entangled methodologies that bring these pictures to fruition include, in no particular order or hierarchy, the conventional mediums of print, drawing and painting.

Benjamin Armstrong, February 2022

Image: Benjamin Armstrong Bones III 2021, pigment and binder on polyester , 174 x 143.5 x 4 cm


Under the Southern Sky

Online Viewing Space

A new series of 8 linocuts.

Image: Benjamin Armstrong Shear l (2020), linocut, pigments & binder on polyester, 134 x 150 x 3.5 cm

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Invisible Stories: Meditations on Port Essington


In his first solo exhibition since 2012, Benjamin Armstrong will present a series of linocut prints relating to Mark McKenna’s 2016 book From the Edge: Australia’s Lost Histories.

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Read an interview with Benjamin Armstrong in Imprint Magazine Winter 2018 edition.

Image: Embedded, 2018. Linocut, dye, ink, coloured pigment, iridescent pigment. Image size 76.5 x 57 cm, frame size 89 x 69 cm. Edition of 8. All works are hand printed with a baron on Arches BFK Rives.


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@50 | Part Two

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Sydney Contemporary 2013


Walking backwards to the place I come from