Bill Henson

A new collection of previously unseen important Bill Henson photographs.

Read more in The Age (26 June 2021).

Image: BILL HENSON Untitled JPC SH173 N14 2001-2021, archival inkjet pigment print, 127 x 180 cm (paper size), edition of 5 + 2 AP


Bill Henson | On Beauty

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On Beauty – three new Bill Henson works, just released from the studio.

“We should remind ourselves, from time to time, that despite what goes on in the world, the best in art always recommends the truth and its sometimes complex and ambiguous nature. As Plato said ‘beauty is the splendor of truth.’ ” – Bill Henson, 1 May 2020

Image: BILL HENSON ‘Untitled 2010-20’ RC SH47 N32C (2010–20) archival inkjet pigment print 127 x 180 cm (paper size)


Bill Henson

Tolarno Galleries presents a collection of new Bill Henson photographic works.

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“Plenty of artists conjure with images from the history of art, but none has been so ambitious in their attempt to marry the immediate, over-brimming present with the haunted past. And the fact remains that no other living Australian artist has produced as many images so full of tenderness, silence and longing” – Sebastian Smee, The Monthly April 2017

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@50 | Part One

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Untitled 1985/86