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Images have a powerful way of revealing connections between disparate histories and experiences. redux is an exhibition that assembles, re-assembles and sequences parallel and divergent narratives, curating archival and recent photographs in a way that evokes a pictorial and studied chronology. History repeats itself and redux shows how we are implicated in those cycles.

The ecological destruction portrayed in many of the images is an uncanny reminder of our current global and environmental impacts and contrasts acutely with intact rainforest ecologies shown alongside them. It is a reminder as well of the often-violent displacement of Aboriginal people and knowledge systems, with civilising enterprise failing to acknowledge the value of cultural systems embedded in story, Dreaming and Country.

Selected images are printed on highly polished surfaces, the viewer reflected and brought into the work as witness to changes that unfolded in and on our landscapes. redux aligns the splintered narratives of past and present experience into a compelling arrangement of large and intimately scaled photographic works. – Danie Mellor

Image: Danie Mellor, Redux 2021


A History of Images

Danie Mellor‘s new suite of paintings A History of Images provide an intimate glimpse into a pictorial past, a collection of experiences that lie in archival memory beyond our tangible reach.

Image: Danie Mellor Promises 2021, acrylic on board with gesso and iridescent wash, 40.5 x 30.4 cm


The Sun Also Sets

Comprising sepia-tone paintings overlaid with iridescent wash, as well as large-format photomontages, the series signals a new approach by Danie Mellor.

Download the exhibition essay by Tony Magnusson.

Download the artist text by Danie Mellor.

Watch the exhibition video featuring Tyson Yunkaporta in conversation with Danie Mellor. Our thanks to Thirdrow Films.

Image: Danie Mellor On the edge of darkness (the sun also sets) 2020. Acrylic with gesso and iridescent wash on board. Three panels, 181.5 x 371.5 cm overall, framed

Installation photography by Andrew Curtis


The Landspace: [all the debils are here]


Danie Mellor presents his first solo exhibition at Tolarno Galleries.

In this new sequence of works, Mellor reimagines the landscape as the landspace, and in doing so opens up a new way of seeing history, ownership and possession of country.

“Reimagining the world as a landspace suggests we are in an enveloping environment, a world that has its past, present and future – its dreaming and landstory – unfolding as prescient and concurrent phenomena,” Mellor says.

Download the media release.

Beneath towering palms 2018
Diasec mounted chromogenic print on metallic photographic paper
21cm diameter
Edition of 3 + 2AP


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